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Three Scenic Settings for Every Occasion

Boasting three distinct venues and situated in the heart of downtown Ventura, California, Hotel San Buena serves as an idyllic backdrop for various events, from intimate weddings to lively gatherings. We invite patrons to immerse themselves in an atmosphere where every detail reflects a commitment to providing an unforgettable and unique experience.

The Velvet Hall

Named for the velveteen texture of an elk’s antlers, The Velvet Hall’s restored hardwood floors, original decorative fixtures, hand-stenciled beam ceilings, and original B.P.O.E. (Benevolent Protective Order of Elks) stained glass windows contribute to an atmosphere of vintage allure. The focal point of this historic space is its well-preserved stage, making it an ideal backdrop for weddings and special events. The Velvet Hall invites guests to bask in the rich heritage and understated grandeur that defines this remarkable venue, offering a one-of-a-kind setting for any occasion.

  • Space for up to 200 persons (theater-style seating) or 150 (sit-down dinner or reception)
  • Podium, projector, and audio system
  • Built-in bar
  • 3,300 SF

Recollection Court

Recollection Court is a 1,100-square-foot gathering space enveloped by greenery and adorned with a welcoming fireplace. Whether hosting a cocktail reception or seeking a romantic extension for events at the historic lobby, this space offers an intimate and tranquil atmosphere through a harmonious blend of nature and architectural charm.

  • A romantic extension for events off the historic lobby
  • A sought-after setting for a cocktail reception
  • Fireplace
  • 1,100 SF Courtyard

Centre Courtyard

Nestled at the heart of Hotel San Buena, Centre Courtyard unfolds as an 850-square-foot gathering space that embodies beauty and tranquility. This enchanting outdoor oasis is richly landscaped, adorned with thoughtful details, and features a bespoke fountain. The tranquil space provides a charming backdrop for any intimate events.

  • Ceremony space for up to 120 persons (theater-style seating) or 75 (sit-down dinner or reception)
  • 850 SF Courtyard

Inquire about our timeless event spaces

With only 32 rooms, a full site buyout for any wedding or large event allows you and your guests to embrace the intimacy of the property privately. Whether you’re hosting a ceremony in the Centre Courtyard, a private cocktail hour in the Lobby and Recollection Court, or dinner and dancing in The Velvet Hall, Hotel San Buena is yours to create memories that last a lifetime.